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25-01-2023 DateSheet Middle Primary Examination February/March- 2023 View
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01-07-2022 Open School Matriculation / Sr. Secondary Admission/Registration Form For Session 2022-23
25-01-2023 Date Sheet Matriculation Examination March 2023 View
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07-02-2023 Public Notice Regarding Correction View
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25-01-2023 Date Sheet Sr. Secondary Examination Feb. 2023 View
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25-01-2023 Admit Card for Punjabi Additional Special Exam of Matriculation, January 2023
21-01-2023 Only NSQF Practical Exam Centre for Private Candidate's
09-01-2023 Information Regarding Revised Fees Of Special Punjabi Examination 2023 View
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06-01-2023 Fees Schedule of Accreditation For Class 10th/12th Of Open School Session 2023-24 View
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02-12-2022 Press Note Regarding Practical and Written Examination For Class 5th/8th/10th And 12th Session February/March 2023 View
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02-09-2022 Revised Registration/Continuation Schedule For Class 9th To 12th Session 2022-23 View
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02-09-2022 Revised Fees Schedule For Open School Session 2022-23 View
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24-08-2022 Public Notice Regarding Auction Of Two Staff Buses View
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22-08-2022 Press Note Of Revised Admission Schedule For Class 5th/8th/10th/12th Session 2022-23 View
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10-06-2022 Press Note Regarding Continuation Of Associated Schools Session 2022-23 View
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31-01-2023 Revised Admission Schedule of Open School Session 2022-23 View
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12-01-2023 Rechecking Result Matriculation/Senior Secondary 2022
05-07-2022 Instruction for Rechecking/Re-evaluation of Sr. Secondary Examination, March 2022 View
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12-01-2023 Application for the post of PSEB Chairman View
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30-12-2022 Regarding Bi-monthly Class Tests Term Exams and Pre-Board examination for classes 5th,8th,10th and 12th during academic year 2022-23 View
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13-09-2022 Implementation of New Job role Security View
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01-08-2022 Regarding Receiving The Certificate Of Class 5th/8th & 10th/12th( Regular & Open) For Session March-2022 View
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15-07-2022 Press Note Regarding Receive The Certificate For Class 12th From District Office For Session March-2022 View
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12-07-2022 Regarding Correction In Theory Marks In Physical Education For Class 9th And 10th And Physical Education and Sports For Class 11th and 12th For Session 2022-23 View
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04-07-2022 Accredited List of Open School for Session 2022-23
29-06-2022 Press Note Regarding Sr. Secondary Result April 2022 View
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05-07-2022 Rechecking/ Re-evaluation